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Important multinational industrial group present in Europe and USA



 To guarantee the management of all activities related to the accounting, tax, planning and control for the companies in the reference Region, in accordance with the Group policies, procedures, aims and provisions, so as tosafeguardcorporate assets and continuity. 

 Primary responsibilities:

  • Support the Line Manager in the achievement of assigned goals, ensuring a permanent monitoring and the economic, property and financial reporting on corporate processes. 

  • Guarantee the arrangement of the economic, property and financial reporting before the deadlines agreed upon Corporate instructions.

  • Guarantee the economic, property and financial control.  

  • Maintain relationships with internal and external control entities.

  • Ensure the correct execution of extraordinary corporate operations

  • Ensure the planning and control of the administrative /statutory/fiscal policies in compliance with the local laws.

  • Guarantee the correct drafting of the statutory financial statement 

  • Guarantee the management of subsidiaries

  • Ensure the control of the annual report to the stakeholders inside and outside the group.

  • Ensure the checking and compliance of policies and provisions of Transfer Pricing

  • Responsible for the collaborators’ integration, professional growth, valorisation and motivation.

  • Promote a safety-bound Corporate culture

  • Promote the Corporate Principles and Values 



  • Masters Degree in Finance or Accounting, 

  • Important experience in finance or accounting position or CPA. 

  • German mother tongue/fluency

  • English fluent

  • Polish or Italian knowledge is a plus

  • SKILLS: Analysis , Customer orientation, Human Resources Management Verbal Communication, Organization, Tenacity/Fulfillment, Initiative, Conflict Management, Adaptability/Flexibility..

LOCATION: Thuringian region - Germany

Please send a CV, mentioning the authorization to the processing of personal data in accordance with law 196/2003 and included reference to the position:

L'offerta di lavoro si intende estesa a entrambi i sessi (L. 903/77). Aut. Min. Lav. prot. nr. 1417 del 22/01/2007.

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