Multinational Company FMCG


To promote and implement the e-commerce strategy across the web in line with the Global Brands and Communication guidelines.


  • Proposes to Line Manager e-Commerce objectives ensuring e-Commerce channel fits with Group strategy

  • Liaises with Digital Marketing & Sales Director and Marketing & Sales Dept for developing and executing e-Commerce strategies

  • Develops and implements the international guidelines for managing the e-Commerce business strategies 

  • Works closely with Marketing and Sales Dept and third party vendors for executing on line sales activities, in Markeplaces, Pure Players, Brick&Click, New Business. 

  • Achieves the e-Commerce targets maximizing volume, gross margin contribution and customers acquisition and retention, liaising with key people within the Group as well as external third parties agencies

  • Proposes and monitor projects for attracting customers and encouraging sales on the web 

  • Manages relationship and negotiate agreements with digital agencies ensuring the implementation of best practices and technology solutions in the e-commerce business

  • Builds relationships with all relevant e-Commerce players and stakeholders in accordance with the Line Manager

  • Analysis customer demographics and purchasing behaviour for monitoring trends and future sales growth.

  • Sets KPI benchmarks for analytics and competitive analysis 

  • Manages the integration, professional growth, development and motivation of collaborators

  • Promotes a safety-bound corporate culture

  • Promotes the Corporate Principles and Values


  • Bachelor's degree  in Economy/science

  • 10+ years of professional experience in modernly organized companies, preferably FMCG.

  • Experience in developing and managing e-Commerce projects for Marketplaces, Pure Players and Brick&Clicks, preferably at international level.

  • Knowledge and evaluation of new trends and opportunities in e-Commerce.

  • Strong analytical thinking and experience in data analysis, specifically in online sales.

  • Proficient in English and Italian, any other language would be considered a plus.



  • Leadership and Team Management Skills with a focus on direct reports growth.

  • Good Team Working skills as a close collaboration with Digital Marketing Team and Local Marketing teams will be required.

  • Good Relational skills for the project management with internal stakeholders, various lines of business and external agencies.

  • Self Starter, objective focused, problem solver, together with priority setting and decision making skills.

       manage and continuously improve the marketing funnel digital transformation in line with Group Strategies.


Lucca area

Please send a CV, mentioning the authorization for processing personal data in accordance with law 196/2003 and  the position, to : michela.giusti@standler.it

L'offerta di lavoro si intende estesa a entrambi i sessi (L. 903/77). Aut. Min. Lav. prot. nr. 1417 del 22/01/2007.