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Important multinational industrial group present in Europe and USA



To ensure the achievement of aims related to industrial, management, organizational and administrative activities concerning the relevant plants in accordance with the Group’s policies.


 Primary responsibilities:

  • Ensure the achievement of budget aims assigned to the relevant plants

  • Guarantee effective management in the relevant areas, pursuing assigned budget aims in accordance with the corporate strategy

  • Ensure a permanent communication between plants and the Corporate Depts

  • In coordination with the corporate depts., guarantee that the management of relevant productive sites is carried out in
    accordance with the Group’s policies

  • In coordination with the Corporate depts., manage relationships with stakeholders

  • In collaboration with HR, Organisation and Safety Dept, guarantee a positive corporate climate managing the possible

  • Support Plant Managers in the management of relationships with the plants’ trade unions representatives

  • Ensure the management of the reference Country in accordance with the Group’ s principles of Safety, Quality and Environment

  • Supervise relationships with trade unions in the reference area, guaranteeing compliance with the guidance and guidelines provided by the HR, Organisation and Safety Dept during union negotations


  • Participate in the production coordination Committee (operating)
    Support the Chief Operating Officer in the formulation of aims, in the identification of suggestions aimed at improving relevant processes

  • Guarantee the application of the strategy defined at corporate level in the relevant plants

  • Ensure the correct flow of corporate communication between the top of the hierarchy and the reports

  • Responsible for the collaborators’ professional growth, valorisation and motivation

  • Promote a safety-bound corporate culture

  • Promote the Corporate Principles and Values



  • Engineering Degree 

  • >10 years of experience in operations in the FMCG products (ideally best in class companies)

  • Outstanding ability to understand, analyze, implement a plant strategy and drive production performance metrics against targets

  • In depth knowledge of managing a operations team.



  • Future-orientated thinking

  • Conflict management

  • Result orientation

  • Problem solving

  • Leadership​



LANGUAGES: Polish mother tongue 

  • Fluency in English 

LOCATION:  Warsaw, Mazowieckie, Poland (On-site) 

Please send a CV, mentioning the authorization to the processing of personal data in accordance with law 196/2003 and included reference to the position:

L'offerta di lavoro si intende estesa a entrambi i sessi (L. 903/77). Aut. Min. Lav. prot. nr. 1417 del 22/01/2007.

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