Multinational FMCG Company


To ensure that the group achieves its objectives in terms of margin, through positioning development and optimization in the channel under his/her responsibility. To ensure coordination with his/her LOB Director, giving special attention to customer satisfaction. 


Proposes gross marginal contribution, price and volume objectives to the channel coordinato Provides his/her structure with the directions required for achieving predefined objectives Guarantees that expected results in terms of gross marginal contribution, price and volume objectives are achieved Guarantees customer management and care, providing satisfaction verification, in order to consolidate and improve the company's image on the market Guarantees the effectiveness of all communication and promotional activities towards the distribution channels managed by his/her structure Ensures that the number of items and the related gross marginal contribution are properly managed Guarantees that all negotiation and reporting activities regarding company patents and trademarks are properly performed Supervises the implementation of all marketing activities and verifies their results Collaborates with the LOB Director for the definition of Group/Region communication Is responsible for his/her staff recruitment, professional growth, motivation and empowerment Promotes a safety-focused corporate culture Promotes Company Principles and Values


Bachelor's degree or equivalent in economy 15+ years' experience in FMCG Excellent Turnaround experience/Private label / Key customers network Excellent verbal and written communication skills Proficiency with Microsoft Office Suite FLUENT IN ENGLISH Spanish mother tongue SKILLS: Problem Solving Human Resources Management Selling & Negotiation Team and meeting Management Control Decision making Organisation Planning Conflict Management



Invia il cv con l'autorizzazione del trattamento dei dati personali in base all’art. 13 del D. Lgs. 196/2003 e all’art. 13 GDPR 679/16 ed il riferimento della posizione all'indirizzo email:

L'offerta di lavoro si intende estesa a entrambi i sessi (L. 903/77). Aut. Min. Lav. prot. nr. 1417 del 22/01/2007.

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