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Working Environment Analysis


The  Working Environment can be defined as the sum of the

perceptions that individuals have of the organization in which they


The questionnaire we use does not provide quantitative data about 

the company's situation, but it allows us to understand how 

individuals are living the organization and knowing the problems they

experience or believe in experiencing in their working life.


This type of analysis, in addition to the top management cognitive 

aspects, has a positive impact on people's motivation,both because it

allows some reasons for dissatisfaction and / or frustration to be 

removed through the simple exaggeration, and to gather their views

( and therefore give their own contribution) is considered rewarding.

PPT Personality Profile Test

This test is therefore suitable for assessment situations that do not

require comparative judgments and where individuals are more likely

to appreciate the advantage of honestly presenting themselves, such

as:  Career development, Personal development, Coaching

and mentoring, Counseling, Work to diagnose problems, Helping

better performances, Identify training needs, Team building.

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